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Solaris fast bulk patch installer

Downloading and Installing the Software

The current release of bulpat is 3.4.2, dated 12dec2001. The software is available as either:

A Directly-Installable "Binary" Package:

This contains only the files needed to install and use the software, and online documentation: MJSbulpat.pkg  (22 Kb).

Once you have downloaded the binary package, you can install it thus:

	pkgadd -d MJSbulpat.pkg

A Source Package:

This contains everything in the binary package, but also includes package-building scripts and package-information files: bulpat3r4p2.tar  (99 Kb).

Once downloaded, unpack it thus:

	tar -xvlpf bulpat3r4p2.tar
which will create a subdirectory called bulpat containing the software. You can install the software from source thus:
	cd bulpat
	make install
	make clean
To return the source directory to an "as distributed" state:
	make distclean
The commands used to build binary packages from the source are described in the file README.packaging.

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