bulpat - fast bulk Solaris patch installer


bulpat directories


bulpat quickly installs Solaris patches from the named directories. It must be run with root priviledges.

Details of all actions taken (or avoided) are recorded in the logfile /var/sadm/bulkpatch.log.

bulpat has the same safeguards as the Solaris installpatch(1m) and patchadd(1m) utilities - see SAFEGUARDS, below.

Each specified directory is processed in turn, and can contain an optional "patch_order" file to control the order of patch-installation (the default is numeric order within each directory). Any patch not mentioned in the patch_order file will be installed after the "ordered" patches.

The patch_order file is in the same format as that provided with the Solaris "recommended patch cluster". Yes, it's true: bulpat can install the Solaris recommended patch cluster, and can reinstall or upgrade-install it *much* faster than the cluster's own installation program.

The specified directories should contain Solaris patches and/or Sun unbundled-product patches, in any of the following formats:

SunSolve Online format
These are tar(1) archives compressed with compress(1). For example: 105181-23.tar.Z.
SunSolve CD format
These are tar archives compressed with gzip. For example: 105181-23.tar.gz or 105181-23.tgz.
Uncompressed format
These are simply tar archives. For example: 105181-23.tar.
Directory format
These are directories that can be directly installed by the Solaris patch tools installpatch or patchadd. They are what you have after uncompressing and unarchiving any of the above formats. Such directories have names like 105181-23.

The Sunsolve CD format requires gzip, located in any of the following places:


bulpat prints and logs an error-message, and returns a failure status, if:

Otherwise, bulpat returns success.


To guarantee that the local system is at least up-to-date with a central repository of patches, no matter what patch-state it is currently in:

	# bulpat /net/installer/patches
	# shutdown -g0 -i6 -y

To update a local copy of the Solaris recommended-patch-cluster with a new revision of a patch (note that you do not need to update the patch_order file in this case), and add an extra patch:

	# rm /var/spool/patch_cluster/105741-03.tar.Z
	# cp 105741-09.tar.Z /var/spool/patch_cluster
	# cp 109388-01.tar.Z /var/spool/patch_cluster


Solaris 2.5.1 or earlier:
Solaris 2.6 or later:

tar(1), compress(1).


bulpat 3.4.2 12dec2001


Solaris 2.1 and later releases.


bulpat installs patches *without* the ability to back them out (the -d flag to patchadd), because such a facility only makes sense when installing just a single patch, or a few closely-related patches.

This intent is that bulpat should be used only to install patches that you already know you want, and not for "testing" patches.

bulpat can install Sun "unbundled product" patches. For example, patches to Online/Solstice DiskSuite, Solstice Backup, Solstice X.400, SunPro Workshop, SunPro Teamware, SPARCcompiler-C (and C++, FORTRAN, et al), Forte Developer, SunFDDI, SunATM, SunHIPPI, SunLink OSI, SunLink HSI, SunLink X.25, SunLink PPP, Sun WebServer (SWS), Sun Directory Server, Sun Messaging Server, Sun Internet Mail Server (SIMS), PC Netlink, SunPC, SunPCi, SunRay Enterprise Server, Sun SAI/P, SunCluster, System Service Processor (SSP), SunSoft Print (SSP), Solstice FireWall-1, SunScreen, ShowMe TV, SEAM, Sun Management Center, SunNet Manager, Sun OpenGL, and any other software patchable with patchadd or installpatch.


These are described by example. Some of these are performed by installpatch or patchadd, which are conditionally invoked by bulpat.

Already-Installed Patches

If patch 105741-09 is already installed on the system, bulpat will skip reinstallation of the same revision of that patch.

Superceded Patches

If patch 105181-23 is already installed on the system, bulpat will skip installation of older revisions of that patch, such as 105181-17.

Alien Architectures

bulpat will skip installation of SPARC patches on x86 systems, PowerPC patches on SPARC systems, and so on, and vices versa.

Alien Product Releases

bulpat will skip installation of Solaris 2.5.1-only patches on Solaris 2.6 systems, and all the other combinations. The same goes for unbundled products: it will not install DiskSuite 4.2-only patches on top of DiskSuite 3.0.1.

Patches for Absent Packages

bulpat will skip installation of patches to packages that are not installed. For instance, on a Solaris 2.6 system without the Creator framebuffer support software installed (packages SUNWffb, SUNWffcbf, SUNWffbw, SUNWffbxw), then bulpat will skip installation of patch 105360-## (the Creator Graphics patch).

The same applies at the "product" level: if DiskSuite is not already installed, then patches to it will be skipped.

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