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Is it Free?
Copyright, Licence and Warranty

metachk is copyright © 1998, 2002, 2003 by Mike Spooner.

It is licensed free of charge, under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

I also do not charge for "delivery" or "packaging" of the software, as it can be downloaded directly from this site.

However, others may charge for delivery. For example, if a copy of this software is delivered on a third-party CDROM, you may be charged a delivery or packaging fee to cover the costs of CDROM production, or whatever. You will not be charged a licensing fee.

This software is provided with no warranty, as described in the licence.


In general, the licence grants you the freedom to:
  1. use the program
  2. study how the program works
  3. adapt it to your needs, or otherwise modify it
  4. redistribute copies of the software, either in it's original form, or as modified by yourself
The licence restricts you from denying such freedom to anybody else, whether they received their copies from you or from another source. As the software is also copyrighted, you are not permitted to claim the original work as your own (either for credo or ownership purposes), although you may copyright or otherwise take credit for any modifications you make.

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