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C functions for utility programs

Installation Guide

  1. Preparation

    From a shell-/command-prompt, cd into the directory where the distribution was unpacked.

  2. Generate the makefile or make-script

  3. Build the library
    On UNIX/Linux/etc, this creates the static-link-library called libmjsu (the exact filename-extension depends on the compiler toolkit used, but is usually ".a"). The binary library and the API header-files can be "installed" under the previously-selected directory by running the command:
    	make install
    On Windows, the "make" command creates a static-link-library called mjsu_w32.lib, and on PCDOS called mjsu.lib. If you want to compile/link other programs with this binary library, you may want to copy the constructed .lib file and the API header-file mjsu.h into a more convenient other folder.
  4. Clean Up

    Once you have a working installation, you may as well remove the temporary files from the distribution directory, by executing the command:

    	make clean
    This does not remove the makefile/build-script, but it does clear out the temporary files.

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