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offbat is whole-system backup software for Solaris. It is an offline backup mechanism - the system is gracefully shutdown whilst the backup is performed, and then automatically reboots.

offbat can use almost any tape drive supported by Solaris, supports Solaris filesystem features such as largefiles and ACLs, provides both online and on-tape logs (ie: each tape is "self-identifying"), backup to remote tape-drives, standard ufsdump-format volumes, and both scheduled (via cron) and manually-launched backups.

It works properly with DiskSuite and Veritas Volume Manager, even for mirrored rootdisks.

It does not take advantage of the advanced capabilities of tape-stackers or robotic tape libraries.

Nor does it provide an online "file catalog" database: restores must be done with plain old ufsrestore. This means that although offbat can be used to perform incremental backups, restoring files from such incremental backup sets can be tedious. It was really designed to be used for regular full system backups onto a single tape.

You can backup to multiple tapes per run, but only the first tape of each run is self-identifying, which is not ideal. You would have to guarantee being able to keep each "set" of tapes together - you know what happens: eventually some fool loses one tape of the set... Personally, I stick to "one-tape-per-run", using a tape-drive big enough to take it.

offbat should work on all versions of Solaris after 2.2. It has been tested on Solaris 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.5.1 and 2.6.

For complete details and installation instructions, see the User Guide (Postscript format or PDF).

The current release of offbat is 2.1, dated 10th September 1999.

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