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SmartLabel printing for UNIX

What is a Smart Label Printer ®?

What is slap?

Why do I need slap to use the printer?

What is a Smart Label Printer ® ?

Seiko Instruments manufacture a range of printers designed especially for printing stick-on labels. These printers are vastly superior to general-purpose printers (laser, inkjet or dotmatrix) for producing labels:
  • no toner or ink needed
  • print labels one-at-a-time or hundreds-at-a-time with no waste!
  • very quiet and very small: suitable for desktop use
  • use very little power
  • very simple to load labels (no messing with tractors again)
  • no need to replace very expensive fusing-rollers or print-heads that have become "glued-up".
  • no danger of the labels being shredded by the printer!
[picture of an SLP-220]

Visit Seiko Instruments for more information.

Note: "Smart Label Printer" is a registered trademark of Seiko Instruments USA Inc.

What is slap?

slap is a UNIX program that prints labels on a Smart Label Printer. Typical applications include:

slap is a command-line program - a GUI version is planned for the future. Currently it only prints plain text, but you can choose any of several typefaces - it is distributed with a set of 16 bitmap fonts, each in 6 point-sizes.

slap can automatically detect which model of SmartLabel printer you are using, and adapts accordingly.

Why do I need slap to use a Smart Label Printer?

The Smart Label Printers are bitmap printers - unlike most printers, they do not themselves convert character data into a pattern of dots. That is a job for software running on the host computer.

These printers also use special-purpose communication- and command-protocols - which have to be handled by software running on the host computer.

Under UNIX, slap does both these jobs - see the manpage.

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